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Winter Experience in the Blue Mountains and Explore the Wonder of our Universe while you are staying with us.

Please follow this link for reservations of accomodation at the observatory

For a limited time, the Astro Tour fee of $350 will be fully refundable if there are no viewing due to bad weather.

The Blue Mountains Observatory is a perfect place for a quiet and unusual getaway. The Cottage is located on the outskirts of Leura, only 1.5 hours drive west of Sydney.

The Cottage is on standard with a modern home but still retains a traditional and comfortable cosy feel

This winter the Blue Mountains Observatory is going green.

Through out the years we have improved and modified the Blue Mountains Observatory in the quality of its accomodation, services, facilities and also its role in the research astronomy. The improvements that we have accomplished in regards to the observatory in general was mentioned in our Facebook page.

We have now upgraded our broadband to full throtle NBN fiber to node. At 30/12 MBPS everyone with their devices will be able to enjoy free unrestricted and unlimited fast movies, music, games or all your office needs from our cottage.

You will also enjoy over 40 channels of free cable TV provided to you by Foxtel.

We have posted interesting articles that was published in different public access media directly relating to activities of the Observatory in the News page.

Follow this link to Research Page

Quality accommodation services
Astro-Tourism: The Blue Mountains observatory is available to guests staying at The Cottage. An experience astronomer will provide you with your own private tour of the night skies through our powerful telescopes. Observing under our fully functional dome will give you a real astronomical experience. Later imaging using our state of the art astronomical telescopes allow everyone to experience a taste of research grade astronomy.

For booking information and pricing, please visit Blue Mountains Getaways or you can email us in the box below for further information.
Once the booking is confirmed, an email will be sent to you and it will be followed with another email offering the Astro tour.
It will provide a direction on how to book for the tour. Further information will be provided once the tour is booked.

Remote control Telescope:  Our telescopes are available for rent online . If you are interested in research astronomy we can provide support to your most demanding needs. We have been involved with minor planet work for a number of years and we are knowledgeable in obtaining quality data.

Please look through our portal for the observatory at

for a complete list of specifications of our instruments in the observatory
or you can email us for more information.

Please visit our Asteroid page for a full description of work done here.

Advanced Astronomy Course: This will be run for small group of enthusiastic astro imagers or study groups.

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