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Obs Code





Time (UT)



150d 20' 30"

-33d 42' 22"









SCT 0.35m

Paramount MX





SCT 0.30m EQ8 f5/5 TCF ST10XME Q68

CDK 0.61m

MI-1250 Fork





Bracket next to Date Range indicate the location and system used. All period are light time corrected. An asterisk (*) after the name indicate published light curve in Minor Planet Bulletin.
Text colour correlate to the instrument system used for data aquisition.
PSABA: Photometric Survey of Asynchronous Binary Asteroids CALL: Collaborative Asteroid Light curve Link

832 Karin

May observations with some amplitude change.
832 Karin

April observations with lower amplitude than May
871 Amneris

Collaborative work with Frederick Pilcher and Vladimir Benishek has found this asteroid to be a tumbler.
Long period asteroid usually are tumblers.
908 Buda
1685 Toto

Requested a re observation this February 2016 in this apparition after last year's July pre opposition observing run for YORP studies by David V.
1741 Giclas
July 2016

PSABA target to find if the pair asteroid may also be binary
125 data points
1741 Giclas
August 2016

97 data points
1741 Giclas
October 2016

233 data points. no attenuations detected
2100 Ra-Shalom\
Septmber 2016

An interesting target to observed. it could be a first detection of the YORP slowing rotational motion as described in


2100 Ra Shalom
October 2016

The NEA large sky movement and large change in PA is shown in the change in amplitude from the September light curve.

2656 Evenkia

PSABA target. Single periodic
2827 Vellamo

PSABA target.
The period is unique and  found to be 3.7392h.  
2956 Yeomans

Asteroid is in the same field as 5112 Kusaji.
Visual magnitude of 16.5m

3002 Delasalle

PSABA target
3220 Murayama

Still a suspect binary. Observations was instigated by Vladimir Benishek based on a paper published in MPB 2005 where a couple of attenuation was detected.
Despite a more extensive observing campaign from both stations, no orbital period was confirmed.
3220 Murayama

suspect binary but unconfirmed
3352  McAuliffe

NEA collaboration with Amadeo Aznar
3363 Bowen

PSABA target.  Although it is a relatively bright target, the proximity to the full moon has caused considerable amount of scatters.
297 data points used to derive the rotation period of 3.018h consistent with Pravec 2015 of 3.0219h.
3738 Ots

PSABA target. Single period
3743 Pauljaniczek

PSABA target and probable binary. Lightcurve ploted primary rotation rate.
3743 Pauljaniczek

Assumed P_orb rotation period. Unconfirmed due to insufficient data.
4022 Nonna

PSABA target. Period and amplitude of this asteroid is typical for binary asteroid occurences.
4689 Donn

Partial data to support PSABA target.
Period of 122.5h found (Pravec 2016 web)
122 data points

5129 Groom

PSABA target in collaboration with R. Groom.
205 Data points used to arrive at a rotation period of 3.3798h. Unique solution
5940 Feliksobolev

Asteroid target of opportunity in the same field as 3220 Murayama on the 16th May 2016.
At magnitude 17, it was the same brightness as 3220.
6097 Koishikawa

PSABA target taken with 24". Unique solution for this trimodal asteroid taken over 3 consecutive nights.
122 data points used
6186 Zenon

Observations used to support the new binary discovery. First session has the event found at the beginning and second was entirely within the very long event. A short night during summer time has prevented BMO to observe the event in its entirity.
63 data points used from both sessions.

6488 Drebach

PSABA target done in collaboration with Roger Groom from Perth found to be unique solution .

6941 Delgarno

Asteroid target of opportunity in the same field as 3743 PaulJaniczec
7341 1991 VK
November 2016

This asteroid was selected from Goldstone NEA for radar observation. Large PA change found a period of 4.21h in November consistent with that obtained by Amadeo Aznar earlier in October showing a period of 4.219h at small phase angle. His data also show a small amplitude of 0.29M compare to 0.6m found in November.
7341 1991 VK
December 2016

Fast moving NEA showing large PA over observing time.
Light curves are plotted in 2 lots to show the large variation in amplitude during the changes in viewing Phase Angle
8078 Carolejordan

Target of opputunity in the same fov as 44142
33 data points used for an estimated light curve period of 3.5h

10301 Kataoka

PSABA target. Single period. Some scatters data taken with Ic filter.
9583 1990 HL1

Primary rotation period. Light curve plotted in P1 and P2 to show the possible double period. However it remained unresolved binary since no good solution can be obtained
9583 1990 HL1
11444 Peshekhonov

Single session target of opportunity showing flatish light curve estimated to be a very long rotation period object
35 data points used.
12867 Joeloic

long period 835h. preiously work was 400h
PSABA target
290 data points used to derive the period.
Data from September does not coincide with those with the November. This was either due to tumbling but most likely be the change in amplitude due to PA changes.
the light curve plotted is only of one cycle duration.
15202 Yamada-Houkoku

PSABA target found to have a period of 25h. Incomplete and only provisional period found.
128 data points used
16955 1998 KU48

PSABA target
18401 1992 WE4

Target of opportunity in the same fov as 11873 Kokuseibi.
A single night only available with 40 data points to the derive the period.

(20325) 1998 HO27
(20325) Julianoey

Orbital period of 23.52h

17325 1978 QW1

PSABA target showing large bimodal lightcurve
18099 Flamini

Target of opportunity in the same FOV as 44142 1998 HU96. 24" used
33 data points used to arrive on an estimated rotation period of 6 hours assuming a bimodal lightcurve pattern.
No previous work done

18851 Winmesser

PSABA target. Single periodic.
G is adjusted to -0.02 to allow the fit of the light curves to an accuracy of 0.03 mag.
The resultant synodic period is also changed slightly to the value shown in the plot.
19711 1999 TG219

It is a challenging target with long rotation period due to its very low amplitude bightness variation.
The amplitude is 0.29 mag. PSABA target.
36524 2000 QS80

Asteroid is in the same field as 5481 Kiuchi
37586 1991 BP2

An object selected from PSABA target list. It was detected to be one of the asteroids with the longest rotation period to 
date. Observations were done in collaboration with Roger Groom from West Australia using unfiltered 0.3m SCT and ST8XME SBIG camera whereas those from BMO were taken with 24" CDK and U42 Apogee camera. The different instruments and filters used create a slight discrepancy in the observed absolute brightness that require adjustment of the zero point to approximate the correct brightness of the target.
An overall adjustment of 0.05m is added to the value of data obtained from BMO.
44142 1998 HU96

PSABA target. Unique solution.
359 data points used
57292 2001 QV174

PSABA target no light curve deviation.
79472 Chiorny

Long session with good quality data is required to solve this complex binary
BMO has not been able to continue with the observations due to geographical restriction
111 data points were used
86067 1999 RM28

Asteroid target of opportunity in same field as 5481 Kiuchi on 25th August 2016.
Estimated period only of 15h.
93259 2000 SD166

Target opportunity within FOV with 17325
94346 2001 QU88

PSABA target. incomplete..
97679 2000 GG2

PSABA target. A failed attempt to get more data. Target has passed beyond opposition.
163367 2002 PP

Target of opportunity in the same fov as 26927 1997 CD4
Estimated long period of >10h from the short segment obtained of a single session
25 data points used

327649 2006 QT26

Target of opportunity in same FOV as 17325
2009 DL46

NEA asteroid. Estinated period only shown.
(20325) 1998 HO27
(20325) Julianoey

Rotation period of primary
22938 Brilawrence

Asteroid is found in the same field as 5112 Kusaji.
it is at visual magnitude of 18.5m
25884 Asai

PSABA target
26927 1997 CD4

Target of opportunity in the same fov as 44142 1998 HU96
47 Data points used. Estimated rotation period of 3.5h after 1 session.
No previous work found.
26471 2000 AS152

Binary asteroid return on 3rd apparition
29790 1999 CW64

Single session target of opportunity with 24"
Long period estimated with 41 data points

31170 1997 WO58

PSABA target. Incomplete but most likely long period of 32h
80 Data points used.
58302 1994 PX8

Target of opportunity.
Estimated long period. 26 Data points used about 4.5hours long session
65433 2002 TX238

PSABA target data completed with double coverage
69805 1998 RF23

Asteroid target of opportunity in the same FOV as 5481 Kiuchi on the 25th August 2016. Possible binary.
96590 1998 XB

A NEA close approach favourable from southern hemisphere and to be targeted by goldstone Radar. However rotation period found to be 520h from previous work (Pravec 2005)
Work is abandoned to persuit other targets.

139053 2001 EP26

Target of opportunity in the same FOV as 17325
141354 2002 AJ29

NEO target. Collaboration with Amadeo Aznar.

181081 2005 QM36

Target of opportunity in the same FOV of 44142
267657 2002 TL74

Target is in the same field as 5481 Kiuchi.
Estimated rotation period is >30h
332884 2011 AG53

Asteroid is a target opportunity within the field of of 3743 PaulJaniczec. The light curve period is most likely be >100h as observed in 3 consecutive days showing a constant brightening over that period. no detectable short period within each session or lost in the noise.
2016 BA14

NEA target in collaboration with Amadeo Aznar
PA LPAB BPAB Period PE Amplitude AE H Diameter Telescope
832 Karin 05/22-05/30

832 Karin 03/09-04/02


908 Buda 01/18-02/19

1685 Toro 01/22-02/17

1741 Giclas 06/28-07/03

1741 Giclas 08/21-09/04

1741 Giclas 09/27-11/02

2100 Ra-Shalom 09/11-09/27

2100 Ra-Shalom 10/13-10/31

2827 Vellamo 03/05-03/07

2656 Evenkia 03/05-03/12

2956 Yeomans 11/03

3002 Delasalle 04/26-05/24

3220 Murayama 04/15-05/05

3352 Mc Auliffe 11/24-12/02

3363 Bowen 05/17-05/18

3738 Ots 03/07-03/12

3743 Pauljaniczek 07/02-07/26

3743 Pauljaniczek 07/02-07/26

4022 Nonna 04/02-04/08

4689 Donn 03/25-05/04

5129 Groom 09/25-10/05

5940 Feliksobolev 05/13-05/14

6097 Koishikawa 12/24-12/26

6186 Zenon 12/17-12/19

6488 Drebach 11/21-11/26

6941 Dalgarno 06/29

7341 1991 VK 11/03-11/17

7341 1991 VK 11/24-12/09

8078 Carolejordan 09/25

9583 1990 HL1 06/12-06/29

9583 1990 HL1 06/12-06/29

10301 Kataoka 03/31-04/10

11444 Peshekhonov 06/29

12867 Joeloic 09/04-11/03

15202 Yamada-Houkoku 12/01-12/26

16955 1998 KU48 15/12/20-16/02/09

17325 1978 QW1 09/04-09/06

18401 1992 WE4 11/28

18099 Flamini 09/27

18851 Winmesser 03/13-04/30

19711 1999 TG219 01/09-04/28

20325 Julianoey 04/08-05/13


22938 Brilawrence 11/03

25884 Asai 07/02-08/18

26927 1997 CD4 09/27

26471 2000 AS152 02/15-02/25

29790 1999 CW64 05/05

31170 1997 WO58 12/09-12/26

36524 2000 QS80 08/21-08/25

37586 1991 BP2 02/19-06/08

44142 1998 HU96 08/28-09/27

57292 2001 QV174 11/27-12/07

58302 1994 PX8 09/11

65433 2002 TX238 10/13-11/03

69805 1998 RF23 08/25

79472 Chiorny 12/17-12/27

86067 1999 RM28 08/25

03259 2000 SD166 09/04-09/06

94346 2001 QU88

96590 1998 XB 11/15-11/21

97679 2000 GG2 10/11-10/12

139053 2001 EP26 09/04-09/06

141354 2002 AJ29 05/13-05/30

163367 2002 PP 09/27

181081 2005 QM36 09/06

267657 2002 TL74 08/25

332884 2011 AG53 07/01-07/03

2009 DL46 06/07-06/12

2016 BA14 03/02-04/10

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