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1989 VB (Amor , PHA)

NEA target. observations will be carried out in September and October 17
LCDB (Rev. 2017-April); Warner et al., 2009
estimated rot. rate is 16h

Using JBL4, BMO24
(138925) 2001 AU43

No work done in the past.
Deep south location

Observed with JBL2 and BMO24
3122 Florence

[Pravec, P.; Wolf, M.; Sarounova, L. (1998) Icarus 136, 124-153.]
[Pravec, P.; Wolf, M.; Sarounova, L. (2002)]
[Pravec, P.; Wolf, M.; Sarounova, L. (2003)]
[Behrend, R. (2010) Observatoire de Geneve web site,]
[Elenin, L.; Molotov, I. (2012) Minor Planet Bul. 39, 101-102.]
[Linder, T.; Sampson, R.; Holmes, R. (2013) Minor Planet Bul. 40, 4-6.]
[Warner, B.D. (2016) Minor Planet Bul. 43, 240-250.]

Goldstone discovered 2 moonlets . the inner satelite is revolving at about 8 hours and is eclipsing the asteroid. with current telescope system, Ds/Dp<0.1 making detection of mutual events unachievable (private correspondence P.Pravec)

Observed with JBL04

3122 Florence

the data for 03/09 show a steady decline in brightness indicating the rapid recession of the asteroid as it moves away from earth.
(5189) 1990 UQ
Apollo, PHA

Deep south NEA during close approach

Taken with 24" at large PA=94deg
2017 OP68

No previous work done

(310560) 2001 QL142
09/28 to 10/01

Apollo a > 1.0 au; q < 1.017 au


(66146) 1998 TU3
Aten (a < 1.0 au; Q > 0.983 au)

[Galad, A.; Pravec, P.; Kusnirak, P.; Gajdos, S.; et al. (2005) Earth, Moon, and Planets, 97, 147-163.]
[Richards, T.; Bolt, G.; Higgins, D.; Bembrick, C. (2007) Minor Planet Bul. 34, 54-55.]
[Hicks, M.; Truoag, T. (2010) Astronomer's Telegram 2833.]
[Higgins, D. (2011) Minor Planet Bul. 38, 41-46.]
[Higgins, D.J. (2011) id/lightcurves.htm]

2015 FO124

No work done in the past

Observed with BMO 24

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