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Telescope NameTelescopeFeaturesSample image
B240.61m Corrected Dahl-Kirkham TelesocpeThis open truss telescope is used mainly for faint object research.
B14 0.35m Schmidt Cassegrain TelescopeThis close tube telescope is used for general purposes. it has been routinely used for asteroid photometry, astrometry, comet imaging, comet photometry. Also Nova and supernova astrometry and astrophotography.
B14HD0.35m Schmidt Cassegrain HD TelescopeClosed tube telescope is used for satelite observation. Asteroid photometry, astronometry, comet imaging.
B120.30m Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope This close tube telescope is used mainly for astrometry. It is also suitable for asteroid photometry, comet imaging, comet photometry, nova and supernova astrometry. The Johnsons and Cousin photometric filters are suitable for accurate photometric work. We also use this telescope using Narrow band imaging.
B50.13m APO RefractorThis telescope is used for wide field imaging. It best used for comet imaging, astrophotography
Celestron HD SCT 14" (0.35m)

Celestron C14HD XLT operating at f/ 11
Aperture= 355.6mm
Focal length = 3910 mm
Secondary mirror obstruction=114mm

SBIG STi autoguider

Optec Fast focuser SMFS

Bisque Paramount MX+

CCD Kodak KAF-1001E
Array Size (pixels) 1024 x 1024
Pixel Size 24 x 24 microns
Imaging Area 24.6 x 24.6 mm (604 mm2)
Imaging Diagonal 34.8 mm
Video Imager Size 2.17”
Linear Full Well (typical) Low noise output: 200K electrons
High DR output: 500K electrons
Dynamic Range >87 dB
QE at 400 nm 39%
Peak QE (560 nm) >72%
Anti-blooming none

7 Position FLI filter wheel
ASTRODON square 50mm filters: L,R,G,B,Ha,S2, O2

Celestron SCT 14" (0.35m)

Celestron 1400 XLT operating at f/ 5.9. with Optec focal reducer
Focal length = 2106mm at f/5.9

Angular size: 23' 20" X 15' 33"

SBIG ST8XME with KAF 1603ME sensor.

Pixel ratio:

bin 1x1: 9x9 micron; 1530 X 1020

Image scale is 0.88 "/pixel

bin 2x2: 18X18 micron; 765 X 510

Image scale is 1.76 "/pixel

External guider port.
5 position filterwheel with B,V,R,I and L filters.

SBIG External guider camera.

120mm diameter F/5 Achromatic refractor.

Optec temperature compensated focuser (TCFsi)

Bisque Paramount MX.

Planewave CDK 24" (0.61m) f /6.5

EFA electronic focuser.
Focal length 3798 mm

MI-1000 with 1250 fork mount and Sitech II controller.

80mm Explore Scientific APO refractor f/5 used as guidescope
Focal length = 400mm
SBIG STi guide camera with KAF-0340 sensor.
Pixel size of 7.4x7.4 micron.

Software used to control the telescope and mount are the Sky X pro, CCDSoft, T-Point, @focus2, Sitech II V090, CCD Commander

10 position Apogee filter wheel:
ASTRODON Generation 2 (TRU BALANCE) E-series square filters L,R,G,B

ASTRODON parfocal Johnsons-Cousins photometric V,B,R,I filters

ASTRODON SLOAN Generation 2 filters g,z

More information about the Astrodon filters can be found here.
Apogee U-42 D02 enhanced cooling body.

Back illuminated E2V-4240 sensor with NABG
CCD gain in e/ADU is 2e/ADU; system noise is 9e rms at 1 MHz
27.6mm X 27.6mm actual size. Imaging diagonal 39.1mm
Angular size or FOV:  23' 56" X 23' 56"

bin 1x1; 0.70"/pix;  2048 x 2048 pixels; 13.5 X 13.5 micron
bin 2x2; 1.40 "/pix; 1024 X 1024 pixels; 27 X 27 micron
bin 3x3; 2.10 "/pix; 512 X 512 pixels; 40.5 X 40.5 micron

ES APO refractor  5"(0.13m) f/7.5

Focal length is 953mm

Camera: SBIG ST8300M with KAF-8300M sensor

Sensor dimension: 3352 X 2532 pixels
Angular size : 1deg 05' 12" X 0deg 49' 15"

Pixel ratio:
Bin 1x1 : 1.17 "/Pixel; 3352 X 2532 pixels
; 5.4 x 5.4 microns

Bin 2x2 : 2.33 "/Pixel;  1676 X 1266 pixels; 10.8 x 10.8 microns

Bin 3x3 : 3.51 "/Pixel; 832 X 626 pixels; 16.2 X 16.2 microns

ST-i auto guider

Celestron CGE mount

Mount Hub Pro/GPS

Meade SCT 12"(0.30m)  operating at f5.46

TCF 2" autofocuser
Optec focal reducer f/5.46

Camera: SBIG ST10XME with KAF-3200ME
Sensor dimension: 2184 X 1472
Angular size: 31'5" X 21'

Pixel Ratio:
Bin 1x1: 0.86"/pix: 2184 X 1472: 6.8X6.8
Bin 2x2: 1.72"/pix: 1092 X  736: 13.6X13.6
Bin 3x3: 2.58"/pix: 546 X 368: 20.4X20.4
`0 filter selector filter wheel:
1 - Lum (with UV/IR coatings)
2 - Red
3 - Green
4 - Blue
5 - SII
6 - Ha
7 - O3
8 - Clear (without UV/IR coatings)9
10 - UV

Pentax SDUF-II AstroGraph 4"(100mm ) f/4

Focal length is 400mm

Camera: SBIG ST8300M with KAF-8300M sensor

Sensor dimension: 3352 X 2532 pixels
Angular size or resultant
FOV: 2d 35' 47" x 1d 57' 40"

Pixel ratio:
Bin 1x1 :
2.79 "/pixel ; 3352 X 2532 pixels ; 5.4 x 5.4 microns

Bin 2x2 : 5.58 "/Pixel;  1676 X 1266 pixels; 10.8 x 10.8 microns

Bin 3x3 : 8.37 "/Pixel; 832 X 626 pixels; 16.2 X 16.2 microns

EQ8 Mount piggy backed on 12" Meade

Observatory controller hardware, software and other spare hardware

1. AAG Cloud sensor and WMR 200 Oregon weather station
Automatic Technology inverter drive 3 phase motors X2 for roof sections.

2. SkyX Pro, CCDSoft, T-point

3. MPO Canopus V10 photometry software

4. Astrometrica

5. CCD Commander scripting software

6. SBIG ST9XE with KAF-261E blue sensitive sensor.
Pixel size -20x20 micron. 
512X512 pixels.

7. SBIG ST402ME with KAF-0402ME Sensor

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