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Telescope codeTelescope Mount f ratio focuser Camera "/pixobservatory

SCT 0.35m

Paramount MX






B14EdgeSCT 0.35m Paramount MX+ 11 Optec fast focus U6M 1.28Q68
CDK 0.61m
MI-1250 Fork
6.8 Planewave U42 0.70Q68
Telescope codeTelescope Mount f ratio focuser Camera "/pixobservatory
JBL02RCOS 0.32 Paramount MX+
Robofocus STL 11000 1.28
JBL04TAK 0.18D Paramount ME
Robofocus STL 11000

JBL01RCOS 0.40 Paramount ME
Robofocus STL 11000 1.07
Telescope codeTelescope Mount f ratio focuser Camera "/pixobservatory
P12 GroomSCT 0.35m Paramount ME

P14 POSCT 0.35 Paramount ME

(10498) Bobgent
dual periodic light curve but no events detected

(32621) 1996 PA

PSABA target
(23621) 1996 PA
D. Pray, Sugarloaf Mountain Observatory, South Deerfield, MA, U.S.A.;
J. Oey, Blue Mountains Observatory, Leura, NSW, Australia; P. Pravec, H.
Kucakova, and K. Hornoch, Ondrejov Observatory; V. Benishek, Belgrade
Astronomical Observatory; and A. Marchini, R. Papini, and F. Salvaggio,
Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Della Terra e Dell'Ambiente, University of
Siena, report that photometric observations obtained with a 0.50-m telescope
at the Sugarloaf Mountain Observatory, a 0.35-m telescope at the Blue
Mountains Observatory, a 0.65-m telescope at the Ondrejov Observatory,
a 0.35-m telescope at the Sopot Observatory in Serbia, and a 0.30-m
telescope at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Siena during
July 16-Sept. 25 reveal that minor planet (23621), whose orbit crosses that
of Mars, is a binary system with an orbital period of 20.60 ± 0.03 hr.
The primary shows a period of 2.6649 ± 0.0005 hr and has a lightcurve
amplitude of 0.07 mag at solar phases 1-4 degrees, suggesting a nearly
spheroidal shape. Mutual eclipse/occultation events that are 0.04- to
0.12-magnitude deep indicate a lower limit on the secondary-to-primary
mean-diameter ratio of 0.27.

2017 October 4 (CBET 4436) Daniel W. E. Green

(15590) 2000 GH82

PSABA target
(16815) 1997 UA9

Paired asteroid. Taken 1 night per lunation
1829 Dawson

PSABA target

33 Data points
2859 Paganini

PSABA target.
the last night was linked using same comparison stars since 2859 was in a stationaly position as viewed from earth.
it confirm the low amplitude nature and longish period of 32.4h

3892 Deszo

Probable binary target for PSABA target.
4718 Araki

PSABA target
5887 Yauza

PSABA target

This asteroid show a long period bimodal light curve.
will continue to observe.
Data obtained from BMO 14Edge
5859 Ostozhenka

PSABA target
very low amplitude target .
shown the period spectrum for 6.89h
4760 Jia-Xiang

PSABA target.
initially target appear to have synch binary characteristic however after more data was collected, it appear to be a large amplitude asteroid.
telescope used..

JBL02 and DRO
4760 Jia-Xiang

Unusual light curve. possible synch binary but unconfirmed.
7368 Haldancohn

PSABA target

data taken with 24" CDK reflector with U42 (2015 Shoemaker NEO grant)

7368 Haldancohn

PSABA target from DRO
(14950) 1996 BE2

PSABA target
May target was taken with JBL02 and 24"

(14950) 1996 BE2

Data collected for the month of June. Amplitude is larger due to the usual Phase-Amplitude relation ship.

June data was taken with 14Edge

(15590) 2000 GH82

PSABA target 3 multiple coverage to arrive at a period of 3.7901h

(22766) 1999 AE7

PSABA target

24410 Juliewalker

PSABA target
(27005) 1998 DR35

PSABA target
31170 1997 WO58

PSABA target
This one turned out to be a tough target. It was not such long period as I
thought it might have been originally and the poor weather condition here meant I
couldn't get long sessions .
The Jan and Feb data pointed to a shorter 13.7h period and
0.3mag amplitude. However I have to adjust 12/09 and 01/20 by as much a
0.5mag. which I concluded to be stray . Once adjusted, the curve fit well into the 13.7h light curve

(35404) 1997 YV5

PSABA target
Unique period
94346 2001 QU88

PSABA target
54355 2000 KJ33

PSABA target

data taken with 24" CDK reflector with U42 (2015 Shoemaker NEO grant)
27005 1998 DR35

PSABA target
6707 Shigeru

PSABA target

data taken with 24" CDK reflector with U42 (2015 Shoemaker NEO grant)

4750 Mukai

PSABA target
Long period but showing signs of tumbling at 38.3h

data taken with 24" CDK reflector with U42 (2015 Shoemaker NEO grant)
1401 Lavonne

PSABA target
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