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Astrometry report done as of 10th October 2013 are:
192 CCD photometry observations of novae, supernovae & variable stars to the AAVSO .
(American Association of Variable Star Observers).

We have also confirmed one Supernova SN 2013cz in Galaxy IC4892
Reference CBET 3547.

There has been 101 Minor Planets measured including 1008 astrometry observations
There are also 8 comets observations on 4 different comets.
Work done by Paul Camillery showing some of the interesting observations that were done at Blue Mountains Observatory.
Data obtained on 13th March 2013:
"I found very faint images of an main belt asteroid 2013 CX71 which was discovered in February with pre-discovery images dating back to early January from the SpaceWatch survey in the USA.
The orbital arc for this one was 32days and with our observational data from March 13th  extended it out to 62days."
Just one of the examples where Paul has expertly retrieved the faintest of asteroids found in the data obtained from BMO asteroid photometry studies.
To find out more visit http://southern-sky-observations.blogspot.com.au/

Comet observations following a recent discovery (Comet McNaught 2013 O3) as listed in

Comet McNaught or the Great comet of 2007 visible from La Perouse, Sydney

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